Beagle And Walker Hound Mix: Breed Insights


The beagle and Walker hound mix, also known as the Treeing Walker coonhound-beagle mix, combines the beagle’s compact size and friendly demeanor with the Treeing Walker coonhound’s strength and hunting prowess.

This mixed breed may have physical characteristics from either parent breed, and its temperament can align more closely with one breed or be a balanced blend of both. It is adaptable to various living conditions and can adjust well to changes, making it suitable for many different types of households.

While both dog breeds have a rich history of hunting, this breed mix inherits strong scenting abilities from both sides and may manifest a high prey drive. It often has friendly qualities and has the potential to be excellent family pets and good house dogs, given how social and affectionate they are. The mix is also typically energetic and requires regular exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


  • The Treeing Walker coonhound-beagle mix is an adaptable and potentially family-friendly hybrid.
  • Its lineage provides strong hunting capabilities and an amiable temperament.
  • Regular exercise and engagement are crucial for this mix’s well-being.

Breed Overview

The beagle-Walker mix is a hybrid dog with a lineage steeped in hunting tradition. It combines the traits of the beagle and the coonhound breed into a unique, versatile companion.

Origin and History

The beagle-Walker mix descends from the purebred beagle and the Treeing Walker coonhound. The Treeing Walker coonhound originates from the English foxhound brought to America and is now used to hunt raccoons. This mix has become a favored crossbreed for its hunting prowess.


This crossbreed typically displays a medium-sized stature with a muscular, lean build reflective of their hunting heritage. They may inherit the Treeing Walker coonhound’s smooth, short coat and the beagle’s floppy ears and prominent snout. A coat color consisting of a white base coat with possible brindle or tricolor markings is common.

Personality and Temperament

Beagle-Walker mixes tend to be friendly, intelligent, and affectionate. They are active dogs with a high energy level and strong prey drive, influenced by their hound lineage. These dogs are often sensitive and loyal, yet their hunting instinct is prominent, which shapes their behavior.

Exercise and Training

Due to their energetic nature, these hounds require ample exercise to maintain health and happiness. Their intelligence and prey drive make them good candidates for positive reinforcement training methods. They are motivated and respond well to consistent, structured training sessions and mental stimulation.

Health and Lifespan

Considering their mixed-breed status, they can be generally healthy, with a usual lifespan of 12-15 years. Nevertheless, inherited health issues like hip dysplasia can affect them, so regular veterinary check-ups are recommended.

Care and Grooming

The coat type of these dogs is dense and sheds moderately. Regular brushing is also required to manage shedding. Good dog care includes cleaning their floppy ears, essential to prevent infections. Grooming needs are relatively straightforward but should not be overlooked.

Suitability as Family Pets

As social animals, beagle-Walker mixes can make excellent family pets with proper socialization. They are known to be gentle and playful and thrive in social environments, forming strong bonds with family members.

Breed-Specific Considerations

A potential dog owner should consider the breed’s high prey drive and need for consistent exercise. They tend to follow their noses due to their strong sense of smell.

Beagle-Walker Mix in Action

These dogs have a zest for life, especially outdoors, while tracking scents. Their agility and speed make them quite the spectacle in action, during play, or while following a trail.

Finding a Beagle-Walker Hound Mix

One may find a beagle-Walker hound mix through reputable breeders specializing in this crossbreed or rescue organizations providing homes for mixed breed dogs.

Diet and Nutrition

A balanced diet suited to their size, age, and activity level is vital for the beagle-Walker mix. Monitoring their food intake is essential to prevent overfeeding, as they can be prone to weight gain.

Relationship with Other Dogs and Children

Generally friendly and social, the beagle-Walker mix often gets along well with other dogs and children. Early socialization can help ensure they develop into well-adjusted adults.

Adaptability to Living Environments

While adaptable, this mix favors environments where they can explore and be active. They need enough space and opportunity for vigorous daily exercise.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section addresses common inquiries about the beagle-Walker hound mix, providing essential insights for those considering this breed as a pet.

What characteristics can be expected from a beagle and Walker hound mix?

A beagle and Walker hound mix typically has a strong hunting instinct, a keen sense of smell, and a resonant bark from its coonhound lineage. From the beagle side, it often inherits a friendly disposition and manageable size.

How much exercise does a beagle-Walker mix typically need?

The beagle-Walker mix, a cross between two active breeds, needs considerable exercise. Daily physical activity is essential to keeping them physically fit and mentally stimulated.

What is the average lifespan of a beagle and coonhound mix?

The average lifespan of a beagle and coonhound mix is between 12 to 15 years when properly cared for with a healthy diet, regular exercise, and routine veterinary check-ups.

Are beagle and Walker hound mixes suitable for families with children?

Beagle and Walker hound mixes are generally known for their sociability. With proper training and socialization, they can be wonderful companions for families with children.

What should potential owners consider before adopting a beagle and Walker hound mix?

Potential owners should consider the exercise requirements, their ability to manage a hound’s propensity for vocalization, and the space necessary for this energetic mix. They should also be prepared for the commitment to consistent training.

How can you distinguish between a purebred beagle and a beagle-Walker mix?

Noting the size and physical characteristics can help distinguish between a purebred beagle and a beagle-walker mix. A beagle-Walker mix may have longer legs, a deeper chest, and a broader head than a purebred beagle.


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