Foxhound-Beagle Mix: What to Expect


The foxhound-beagle mix, a hybrid dog breed, is a blend of two distinguished hunting dogs‚ the beagle and the foxhound. This crossbreed embodies the best traits of both parents, resulting in a dog that is both an enthusiastic companion and a tireless hunter. Breeders initiated this mix in the late 1970s to create a dog that carried the foxhound’s capabilities in a more compact form. They envisioned a companion equally adept at hunting and becoming a beloved family pet.

These mixes have inherited the beagle’s friendly nature and the foxhound’s athleticism, making them well-suited to active families. They are known for their intelligence and playful disposition, balancing the beagle’s skills as a scent hound and the foxhound’s stamina.

While their hunting instincts can make them determined and occasionally stubborn, with proper training and socialization, they make excellent pets. The foxhound-beagle mix brings energy and affection into a household, while its adaptability makes it a versatile breed for various living environments.


  • The foxhound-beagle mix breed is a friendly and energetic hybrid suitable for family life.
  • Proper training and socialization are necessary due to their intelligence and hunting instincts.
  • Health maintenance and regular care are essential for their well-being.

Breed Overview

The foxhound-beagle mix is a distinct mixed breed that merges the traits of the foxhound and the beagle to create a companionable and active dog well-suited to families and individuals alike.

Origins of the Foxhound Beagle Mix

The foxhound-beagle mix breed, also known as the American foxeagle, is a hybrid born from the crossing of two eminent hunting dogs: the American foxhound and the beagle. Breeders created this mixed breed around the late 1970s. They aimed to combine the beagle’s compactness and strong olfactory skills with the foxhound’s stamina and speed.

Characteristics and Appearance


  • Size: Medium-sized build
  • Coat: Dense, short, and smooth with possible color combinations of black, brown, or white with spots
  • Height: Typically ranges between the Beagle and Foxhound’s average


  • Temperament: Known for their affection, sociability, and vocal nature
  • Activity level: High; they require ample exercise to maintain good health

Breed Recognition and Types

  • Breed recognition: The foxhound-beagle mix is not recognized by purebred registries like the American Kennel Club (AKC), but designer dog registries may acknowledge it.
  • Types: The mix can vary depending on the dominance of the parent breed traits, leading to variations within the mix itself, often informally referred to as a beagle mix or designer dog.

This breed embodies its parent breeds’ historical significance and physical characteristics, tailoring them into a unique dog fit for modern pet owners.

Temperament and Personality

The foxhound-beagle mix exhibits a distinct personality that amalgamates its parent breeds‚ combining loyalty and gentleness with an energetic and friendly vivacity. This blend endows the foxhound-beagle mix with traits suitable for a wonderful family pet.

Behavioral Traits

The foxhound-beagle mix is remarkably intelligent and spirited. They inherit a strong sense of affection and loyalty, often forming close bonds with their owners. Their stubborn streak can present a challenge in training. Yet, with consistent and positive methods, they are capable learners. As creatures that thrive on activity, they exhibit high energy levels, which translates into a need for regular exercise and mental stimulation to prevent boredom and promote good behavior.

Suitability as Family Pets

These dogs are naturally affectionate and friendly, making them excellent companions for homes with children. They tend to display a protective instinct, ensuring they are gentle yet watchful over their family members. Their compatibility with other pets and love for human interaction highlight their family-oriented temperament. However, due to their energy and occasional stubbornness, they flourish best with families who are active and can provide the guidance they need to be well-mannered members of the household.

Health and Care

When considering a beagle-foxhound mix, potential owners should be aware of their specific health concerns, grooming requirements, and the need for consistent exercise to ensure a happy and healthy dog.

Common Health Issues

The beagle-foxhound mix is generally healthy, but like all breeds, it can be susceptible to certain health conditions. Hip and elbow dysplasia are common joint conditions to be mindful of, potentially leading to discomfort and mobility issues. Hypothyroidism, which affects the thyroid gland’s hormone production, can occur in these dogs. Regular vet check-ups can help detect these conditions early. Obesity can also be a concern; maintaining an appropriate weight is crucial for their health.

Grooming Needs

Grooming a beagle-foxhound mix is quite manageable. Their short coat requires regular brushing to minimize shedding and keep it shiny. Brushing a few times a week should suffice. Additionally, like all dogs, they’ll need their nails trimmed regularly and their ears checked to prevent infections.

Exercise and Activity Requirements

These energetic dogs need daily exercise to stay healthy and happy. A beagle-foxhound mix will thrive on walks, playtime, and mental stimulation. Their energy level demands at least an hour of daily physical activity, which can be broken into shorter sessions. They also enjoy interactive games that challenge their intelligence. Proper exercise helps prevent boredom and obesity, so it should be considered an essential aspect of their care routine.

Training and Socialization

The foxhound-beagle mix is an intelligent and energetic breed. It requires effective training techniques and extensive socialization from an early age to foster obedience and manage its innate prey drive.

Training Techniques

Training a foxhound-beagle mix demands patience and consistency due to their high energy level. Owners should focus on positive reinforcement strategies, rewarding good behavior with treats, praise, or play to encourage repetition. These dogs respond well to:

  • Clicker training: This method uses a clicker to mark desired behavior immediately, followed by a reward.
  • Obedience training: Basic commands like sit, stay, and come are essential to keep their energy in check and to ensure safety.
  • Leash training: Particularly important for managing their prey drive during walks.

Training sessions should be short and engaging to hold their attention, capitalizing on their intelligence to learn quickly.

Importance of Early Socialization

Early socialization is crucial for foxhound-beagle mix dogs to temper their innate prey drive when encountering other animals. Integrating socialization into a puppy’s routine can prevent the development of undesirable behaviors and aid in them becoming well-adjusted adults. Key socialization activities include:

  • Exposure to various people, sights, and sounds.
  • Introduction to different environments and pets to promote adaptability.
  • Enrollment in puppy socialization classes for structured interaction.

Through early and thorough socialization, these highly energetic dogs can become affable companions inside and outside their home environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, you’ll find targeted information addressing common inquiries about the care, characteristics, and considerations of the foxhound-beagle mix, also known as the American foxeagle.

How do I care for a foxhound and beagle mix puppy?

Caring for a foxhound and beagle mix puppy involves regular exercise, consistent training, and proper nutrition. These dogs are active and require daily physical activity to stay healthy.

What are the characteristics of an American foxeagle?

The American foxeagle typically exhibits a playful and affectionate nature, a strong hunting instinct, and high intelligence. However, it can also be stubborn, so early training is recommended.

How does the size and weight of a beagle-foxhound mix compare to other breeds?

Beagle-foxhound mixes are considered medium- to large-sized dogs, weighing 35 to 70 pounds. They stand out for their balance of size and agility compared to other breeds.

What should prospective owners consider before looking for beagle-foxhound mix puppies for sale?

Prospective owners should consider the mix’s requirement for exercise, potential for vocalization, and predisposition for certain health issues. Understanding the demands of both parent breeds is also crucial.

How long is the average lifespan of a beagle-foxhound mix?

The average lifespan of a beagle-foxhound mix is between 10 and 12 years. Regular check-ups and a healthy lifestyle are essential for these dogs’ longevity.

What are the key behavioral traits of beagle and foxhound mixes?

Beagle and foxhound mixes are known for their energetic and outgoing personalities. They also have a strong sense of smell and can be independent-minded, which may affect training and behavior.


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